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Our equine complex offers unique, specialized services found only at the most progressive facilities. High Knoll Equestrian Center offers honest communication with clients and the highest quality of follow-up care. We are in the unique position to create the best environment for your lay-up, rehab, retirement, or absent-owner horse. We are a short hand-walk (or a farm call at no charge if needed) from the progressive Myhre Equine Clinic, and also can work closely with a physical therapist. We have skilled, compassionate staff on site 24/7, and you will receive regular, dependable updates on your horse, as well as the peace of mind that your horse is being cared for attentively.

High Knoll Equestrian Center works side-by-side with Myhre Equine Clinic, or your own vet, to offer the finest:
Complete Injury Rehabilitation Programs Short or Long Term Lay-up Board
Absent Owner Board (less then one visit per week or long distance owners)
Retirement Board
Special Needs Board


Our dedicated staff takes care of all lay-up, rehab, absent owner and retirement care. Our staff works closely with the technicians and veterinarians Myhre Equine Clinic, and can work with our resident physical therapist.


In addition to our expert staff, our facility is another reason to choose High Knoll for your lay-up needs. We offer two arenas with excellent maintained footing, many grassy areas for hand grazing, scenic paths for hand walking, and small sand round turnouts for layup all the way to large grassy turnouts, depending on your horse's needs. Stalls are well-matted and kept clean throughout the day, and staff is attentive and skilled. You and your horse will enjoy the barn's reliable schedule and its calming, loving atmosphere.

Kody working with Students
"Kody", a long-term lay-up boarder, after enjoying a bath from Jess and the High Knoll working students.

Kody Eating From His Bucket


With High Knoll Equestrian Center’s extensive senior horse care experience, we offer a caring and loving home for your senior horse to live its relaxing retirement days. Your horse will enjoy turnout with friends in grassy, spacious paddocks (other options available), and plenty of grooming and loving attention. You will receive regular updates and pictures, and the peace of mind knowing your horse is being cared for as it deserves.

Absent Owner Board

Rest assured your horse is being taken care of while you travel or are busy with day to day chores and work schedules. Owners who cannot make it to the barn on a weekly basis or who are traveling frequently qualify for absent owner board. 

All Specialized Board Includes

Full board, in addition to day-to-day care and checks, grooming, wrapping once daily as needed, hand walking twice daily as needed, administering oral or topical medication twice daily. We will work with your veterinarian for injury layups and rehabilitation.  Other services available at an additional fee.

Additional services available include:

training, exercise, or rehab rides and programs

therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound and “Game Ready”

additional grooming care: mane-pulling, clipping, bathing

extra oral meds, topical meds, feedings

extra hand walking and bandaging

regular visits and appointments with Myhre Equine Clinic or your vet

Contact Us for an individual quote. We are happy to cater to your horse's specialized needs.