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Myhre Equine Clinic provides the finest out-patient therapeutic shoeing, as well as stall space for in-patient intensive care cases.

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Our facility uses a team approach inclusive of the horse owner, expert farrier and referring veterinarian so that we can provide the finest therapeutic and corrective shoeing available. We utilize our radiology department to accurately assess your horse’s feet, providing the best possible corrective shoeing recommendations.

Rebecca Watts

Rebecca Watts Shoeing a HorseRebecca received her BA from Hampshire College in 1989 and attended the Walla Walla Community College farrier program in 1992. After apprenticing for a year in Vermont she practiced in Southwestern New Hampshire until moving to the seacoast in 2000. Her work here consists primarily of performance horses and lameness cases. She continues her education by regularly attending clinics and lectures and utilizes the Metron software. Rebecca lives in Newfields, NH, with her husband, two daughters, and dog “Chili”.

Dean Dalpe

Dean Dalpe Shoeing a HorseDean graduated from Farrier schooling in Orono Maine in 1998 attending the University of Maine. After apprenticing with Ronald Gilpin for over ten years, Dean is a well-known farrier around the seacoast, mostly working with saddle horses. His work here consists primarily of performance shoeing and lameness cases. He and Dr. Myhre have improved many lameness cases including severe laminitis, navicular, soft tissue damage, etc. with Dean's shoeing, and Dr. Myhre's plan of action. Dean attends many Farrier Conferences, including Myhre Equine Clinics Annual Farrier Conference. Dean enjoys gardening, and spending time at home with his wife and animals in Ossipee, NH.

Patrick Reilly, Farrier Consultant

Patrick Reilly Shoeing a HorsePatrick joined Dr. Myhre's practice in 1988 as the resident farrier. Prior to his tenure as a referral farrier at the veterinary clinic, his practice concentrated on shoeing performance horses. Patrick’s lectures include "The Effects of Glue on Shoes on Dorsal Wall Distortion" at the University of Pennsylvania’s Hoof Reconstruction and Technical Horseshoeing Symposium, and the Second International Equine Conference on "Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot". His work has been featured in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science titled "Assessing the Strasser Trim". Patrick has worked at the New Bolton Center as the Interim Director of the Farrier Service and has served on the faculty of the 4th International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot (Nov. 2007).  Patrick continues with MEC as a consulting farrier.