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"Being at High Knoll is a true pleasure, both for me and for my horse. Having the new indoor arena up, and just a dozen strides from the barn's back doors, makes it convenient to ride on rainy days and on days that would otherwise be too cold. The footing in there is outstanding, some of the best I've seen anywhere, and not a speck of dust. The size of the property lets me ride on fields and trails, so my horse never gets bored under saddle. The outdoor ring and the grass work area with the jumps are perfect for good weather. And having the old oval track still there provides a great opportunity for cardiac training just a stone's throw from beautifully forested areas. And then there's the proximity to Myhre Equine Clinic, just a five minute hand-walk down the long driveway, should something go wrong, or simply for vaccinations. Having that support system there gives me enormous peace of mind as a horse owner. All that, and my mare loves being there with all her friends. She gets superb daily care, too. The drive to the facility is an hour each way for me. That's a big chunk out of my day. Why do I make the drive? Because my horse is worth this level of excellence."
~ Craig P.

“You have a nice facility, but what I liked the most was that the horses are very well groomed/kept.  Coming from a national show barn, it's hard to find stables that do a good job with this."
~ Nadia, Londonderry, NH

“It is my pleasure to recommend the Myhre Equine Complex. Our family entered the "equine world" one year ago when our son, Chris, started riding lessons at High Knoll Equestrian Center with Jessica Lawler. Jess is incredibly skilled, patient, and encouraging, and in a short time trained Chris to be a confident rider. Soon after, we bought our own horse being boarded at High Knoll, and continue to board her there. Each of us had a lot to learn about horse safety and horse care, and while Jess trains our whole family in safety and riding, every one of the staff has at one time or another gone out of their way to help us. The care the horses are given by all the staff is exceptional. And while the care is skilled and professional, it is personal and individual at the same time not only with the horses, but with the students and boarders as well. The skill and compassion of the staff of High Knoll is a reflection of the Myhre Equine Clinic. In addition to her routine medical care, when our horse went lame the care and expertise she received from everyone at the clinic, as well as the after-care from High Knoll, was incredible, and she fully recovered as a result. We take great comfort knowing we share our horse's health and well-being with Dr. Myhre, his staff, and the High Knoll Equestrian Center."
~ The Barry Family