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Dr. Grant Myhre B.S. D.V.M.

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Dr. Myhre has held a directorship in several professional organizations, including the New Hampshire Horse Council, New Hampshire Thoroughbred Breeders and Racing Association, New England Equine Research Fund, the New England Equine Care and Hospital Development Fund, the New Hampshire Farm Museum, and the New Hampshire Academy for Equine Sciences Charter School. His interest in human medicine (6 week rotation) and association in nuclear scintigraphy (authorized user and radiation safety officer) spurred his interest in cutting-edge diagnostic technology. He was the pivotal individual in bringing the only nuclear medicine lab to Rochester Equine Clinic (now Myhre Equine Clinic) in Northern New England. This laboratory has now grown to include radiopharmaceutical cancer treatments and one of the most modern gamma cameras and computer systems in veterinary medicine, complimenting this modality. Dr. Myhre was also the first in Northern New England to pioneer innovations from arthroscopy to digital radiology to this region.

Dr. Myhre has also presented at over 100 meetings and conferences.  The latest at the prestigious AAEP in San Antonio, “The Standing Colic Surgery on the Draft Horse,” which was motivated by his extensive experience with drafts and the successful surgical correction of a large colon torsion in a 2,800 pound Belgian Draft horse in 2006.  Dr. Myhre has presented at the AAEP previously (1998) on Scintigraphy in Private Practice to approximately 3,000 members.  Dr. Myhre still presents to various groups including his annual veterinary/technician and farrier meetings, and to the Equine Charter students as well as various New England groups. He has been a favorite featured speaker at the nationally acclaimed “Equine Affaire”.

Dr. Myhre's professional interests lie in improving our already extensive diagnostic imaging modalities.  Along with nuclear medicine, digital radiography, and Doppler ultrasound, he has added computed axial tomography (CAT Scan) to Myhre Equine Clinic.  His vast surgical ability and experience (31 years) leads all in the Northeast.  Although he is comfortable with most surgery from arthroscopy to colics, he enjoys the challenge of the “cutting edge” such as laser surgery and laproscopy.

Dr. Myhre is an avid adventurer with interests in aviation (pilot's license in 1980), riding, sailing, and diving.  He helped establish the first equine charter school in the United States because of his interests in education.  As Einstein said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is to not stop questioning.”  Dr. Myhre lives his life by this philosophy:
“With this principal we not only make ourselves better but we better mankind.”

Dr. Myhre Exams a Patient